NDSU Faculty
Dr. Lisa Daniels Lead Investigator, Education
Dr. Brian Slator Computer Sciences
Dr. Jeffrey Clark Anthropology and Sociology
Dr. Jeff Terpstra Statistics
Aaron Bergstrom Programmer/Analyst
Otto Borchert Programmer/Analyst
Richard Frovarp Programmer/Analyst
Guy Hokanson Programmer/Analyst
Dan Reetz Graphic Artist
Doug Snider Graphic Artist
Ryan White Graphic Artist
Susan Sattler Educational Research Assistant
Heather Anderson Educational Research Assistant
Kari Weis Educational Research Assistant
Lauren Williams Educational Research Assistant
Special thanks to
Patrice Tunge Cultural Research
Other Relevant Links
NDSU/Autodesk Maya Case Study
RawKee X3D Exporter for Maya
X3D/Web3D Consortium
Initial funding provided by the Fort Abraham Lincoln Foundation.
Instructional Materials for Teaching Science through Virtual Environments, 3 years, $727,282, National Science Foundation (IMD) No. ESI-0454767, Mar 2005 - Feb 2008; Dr. Lisa M. Daniels, PI, Jeffrey T. Clark, Donald P. Schwert, Brian M. Slator, and Jeff Terpstra
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