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You can download the On-A-Slant Virtual Village application installer by clicking on the button below.
Version: 14Feb2011

Hardware requirements:
A more complete list is pending.
Operating System   Win2K/XP/Vista (Add at least 400MHz & 256MB with Vista.)
Processor   Minimum: P3 1GHz   Recomended: P4 1.8GHz+
Memory   Minimum: 512MB   Recomended: 1GB+
Internet Connection   Minimum: 48K dial up after inital download
Graphics   Video card with OpenGL support.
Currently not supported
Known Hardware/Software Issues:
Windows 98/ME: Java 1.6 is not supported on these versions.
Mac: Java 1.6 is not supported on these systems.
NVIDIA Graphic Cards: Some NVIDIA based graphic cards experience flickering in the non 3D portions of the client. This seems to be caused by XJ3D and incompatibilities between versions of Java and NVIDIA's drivers. You can try;
  1. Rolling back or updating Java and/or your graphics drivers until you find a combination that works.
  2. Disabling the cards "Unified back/depth buffer" option.
    (Display Properties => Settings => Advanced => Performance & Quality Settings)
ATI Graphic Cards:
  • ATI Xpert/Rage128 GL (Driver 6.13.3279.0): Textures render as all black.
Other Graphic Cards:
  • Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family: 3D browser window remains fixed in upper left of screen instead of upper left of client window.
Shared Video Memory: This is a poor choice for any system expecting to use visual content. Expect to add at least 256Mb to any minimun memory requirements.
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